Does Technology shape us or is it us shaped technology?

Technology aided us in our day-to-day work in this generation. But never forget that we are the ones who created this. We humans desired for innovation-to be better for a flourishing future. That’s why we created technology.

In early centuries, man used catapults to use in a battle. but time goes by, army uses bazooka or mobile turrets that has rockets and can destroy a small area. Man used to have feather and ink for writing, and with the help of technology and desire of human, ballpen was produced. In these statements, clearly time and desire are one of the factors that urged the technology to evolve.

If I base my opinion about what is our lifestyle right now, technically, technology shaped us on what we are right now. For me, technology is an all-purpose accessory that reminds us that we can do everything with the help of technology. Technology is a must-get to hop-in with the trends that are springing out everywhere. But we should never forget too much technology can destroy us.

“Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master” quoted by Christian Lous Lange, a historian. Truly, technology has its drawbacks that affects us users. just like this generation, we are deeply attached by the technology that we have and results to addiction and depletion of grades for gthose studying. While others, are experiencing mental health and social problems because of technology. It is also proven that the technology usage rate is gradually increasing throughout these years. Thus, specialists advised us to use technology with moderation.

Technology may be a life changer for us or catalyst to others, but always remember that we can also do things with or without the help of technology.



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