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Intellectual property right protects the rights of inventors, scientists and artists because it is primarily designed to promote the creation of art, science and knowledge by granting all professionals, including creative inventors, such rights. These rights allow artists to defend themselves from misuse of their goods or the illegal use and violence. It grants right, especially to the owner, to give consent whether his/her masterpiece can be reproduce by many.

The actions that cross the line in the intellectual property code are called infringement. Since the person creates anything that is not his/her own job and without the consent coming from the owner, the action of restricting and undermining anything may be infringed by law. There are three types of infringement: the copyright infringement, patent infringement, and trademark infringement. The Copyright infringement is a type of infringement where those works like photos, painting and literary works especially music are reproduced. Next is the patent infringement or the reinventing of a certain product that was originally made by a popular brand. Lastly, the trademark infringement or the imitation or copying of famous trademarks or logos that we eventually see daily. Such activities are punishable by law because it receives benefit even though the individual only copied a certain idea from a certain person and in practice it should be the profit of the people.

These are the agencies that are in-charge of implementing the intellectual property code:

  • National I.D and I.P.O for clearance upon franchising for copyright, patents, and trademarks.
  • Bureau of Patents
  • Bureau of Legal Affairs
  • Documentation, Information and Technology Transfer Bureau
  • Management Information System EDP Bureau
  • Administrative, Financial and Personnel Services Bureau




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